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Attic Insulation

ICE, a CANADIAN WINTER DILEMMA! Yes, its that time of year again when old man winter comes calling. Many of us have roofs where we experience ice build up issues. Below are a few examples of insulation problems and solutions as well. Typically ice is caused by different factors. Lack

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Bathroom Renovations Part 1 – Issue#8

Bathroom Renovations: Type 1 - Face Lift. There are two types of bathroom renovations either a face life or a total make over. The face lift consists of doing the basic changes such as upgrading the toilet, vanity, fixtures, floor, tiling and freshening up the paint.  This is a great
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Almonte Sunroom and Additions renovation

Sunroom & Additions

                    Building a sunroom & additions are a great way to create extra living space.  Huyvan Home Improvement specializes in customizing unique spaces that fit your lifestyle and your home. Whether you are planning to create a new warm beautiful space or looking

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Ottawa Insulation


                    Today’s heating costs keep rising and will continue to do so into the future. It’s important to have high R values of  insulation. along with proper vapor barriers for various reasons. A proper amount of insulation will keep your home warm in

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Bathroom Renovations

          Are you looking to update your bathroom? We have the expertise to help you design your new bathroom right from design stage up to the finished product. Today’s bathrooms are not only stylish, but functional as well. We pride ourselves on coming up with designs that

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Orleans Kitchen Home Renovations

Kitchen Renovations

                    Your kitchen is the hub of family life. Therefore, organization, flow, functionality, and beautiful design must work together. We offer complete design service. You have your choice of a complete customized kitchen or a standardized kitchen depending on your requirements. While some

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