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Seamless Eavestrough Newsletter – April 7th 2016

My, we have had a cold start to the spring! Regardless though, spring is here and things are going to warm up. Now is the time that you notice the drips and the splashing up against the side of your house.  In some instances the rain is not even getting

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Roofing Newsletter – March 7 2016

Happy spring and goodbye winter! The only thing that is constant here in Canada, is the change of seasons and the extreme weather swings. These temperature fluctuations are very hard on roofs and can cause accelerated wear and tear. Notice in this picture of a regular residential roof, that the

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Windows – Huyvan Home Improvement Tips Issue #7

              Summer is ebbing away and fall is here. Many people are looking ahead to winter to keep the warmth in their homes and the cold air out. In Canada we live in an extreme climate. It’s hot in the summer and extremely cold

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How to eliminate water problems around your home – Issue #6

Greetings and hoping that summer is finding you all healthy and well. As you can see we have integrated the July and August newsletters into one. Due to vacations and a general compression of time we have combined two into one and we are confident the added content will benefit

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Wood Decks

Decking – Home Improvement Tips – Issue #5

One of the most common things people like to work on is building a deck or a patio at this time of year. Towards the end of May usually the frost comes out of the ground in the Ottawa area and that’s when things begin to happen.Whether you are building

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Roofs – Home Improvement Tips – Issue #4

Roofing Winter is over and spring is here! Now that the snow is gone it is time to inspect your roof.  This has been one of the longest, coldest winters we have had in the Ottawa area and because of it, the ice and snow conditions were abnormal this year.

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Vars - Custom Exterior Renovation

Custom Exterior Renovations

                      Does your house need a face lift? With our licensed  carpenters no job is too small or too big.            

Ottawa Glebe - Deck Home Renovation


                        When it comes to the design of your custom deck, there are many options available to you. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will get done right !                    

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Ottawa Roofing


                    We supply and install 25yr -40yr shingles in your colour choice or a steel roof if you are looking for a more permanent look with minimal maintenance. Save your roof! If the roof shingles are replaced in time, there considerably less or no damaged to

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