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Green Energy Technology & the Whole Home Approach:

At Huyvan Construction, we have access to the latest equipment and technology relating to all your home comfort requirements. Today there is a high emphasis on comfortable indoor living spaces. You want your family to feel good in your own castle! We provide solutions that take into account the age of your existing home and use current technology with different types of insulation systems such as loose fiberfill insulation with increased R Value batt insulation at current levels and specifications. Our window lines and specific door lines have access to and are certified where applicable to the Energy Star Rated standard. With large up to date vacuum removal systems for old insulation and working with certified abatement specialists, we take care of you. We offer a comprehensive approach based on years of experience in the construction industry. Whether its high R value blown in insulation in walls and ceilings with proper vapour barriers, venting solutions with perforated soffits, chimney vents or special foam insulation in panels or spray foam, we have you covered.